By Archie Porter
Apr 07, 2018
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Review: Wings – Jamie Isaac

Jamie Isaac has dropped his new track ‘Wings’, the follow up to his excellent previously released single, ‘Doing Better’. These two songs form the opening to his upcoming album, (4:30) Idler, set to release on June 1st – going by the quality of these first couple of singles, the record can’t come soon enough. ‘Wings’ demonstrates a shift in tone from his debut album (the vastly underappreciated Couch Baby), moving away from the gloomy, minimalist, South London-tinged hip-hop beats and into experimental jazz, bossa nova, and ‘70s analog synths.

In favour of digital drum loops, Isaac utilizes live percussion to create a newfound energy dissimilar to his usual production choices. Although this is a new direction, the track still feels entirely authentic and fits perfectly into his discography; not so much a jarring musical shift, but rather a natural progression from his previous work. Saxophones oozing with reverb croon in the distance, with Jamie’s smooth vocals atop the dazzlingly dreamy instrumentation. Speaking of this new musical route, Isaac stated his main influence as the chance discovery of a Stan Getz and João Gilberto record, “I started listening to it and realized, this is what I want to make for the next record. I want to make pop, bossa nova, electronic music.”

Isaac’s classical and jazz influences affect his music in such a profound way that it is difficult to categorize it; it simply needs to be heard. Watch this space.

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