By CJ Lee
Apr 06, 2018
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Review: FIVE FIVE – Pouya

From the independent, 5’5” Florida rapper that has been making constant waves in the underground scene since 2011, comes another new album, FIVE FIVE, released March 5.  

In Pouya’s previous works, there had always been features here and there with the likes of $uicideboy$, Fat Nick, and Ghostemane. On FIVE FIVE, there is only one feature - that being Night Lovell, on the song ‘Don’t Bang My Line’. Thus, the album was pretty much a statement to the fans that he could hold himself just fine without relying on features.  

The weakest track on the album, ‘Void’, features a hook highly reminiscent of a Kendrick Lamar flow. Besides that, the majority of tracks on FIVE FIVE are filled with cheesy but catchy lyrics, delivered with a squeaky clean flow over some banging 808-heavy trap beats. Some of my personal favourites include ‘Don’t Bang My Line’, ‘One Time’ and ‘Back Off Me’. The album also showcases Pouya’s ability to rap over instrumentals that are not of the trap format, especially on the track ‘Suicidal Thoughts in the Back of the Cadillac Pt. 2’.

All in all, FIVE FIVE is a solid solo project, it definitely shows hella potential. 

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