By Conor Maxwell
Apr 05, 2018
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Review: Pit People – The Behemoth

From the clever creators of Castle Crashers comes Pit People, another adventurous alliteration about hapless heroes on a quirky quest. In a world that has been thrown into disrepair by a giant space bear crashing into our beloved planet, players follow protagonist Horatio on his quest to find his kidnapped son. That’s all I’m going to say about the plot, because if you’ve played any of The Behemoth’s other games, the plot is not what you sign up for. 

Like its predecessors, Pit People’s strongest assets are its cartoony art style, and more importantly, its comedy. In this action RPG, players have access to an almost infinite selection of party members, as almost any enemy you fight can be captured, tamed and sent to fight with you- like Pokemon, if the pokemon could speak full sentences. Amongst some of the iconic characters you may encounter and recruit are a cupcake called Gluten, a policeman called McCaffery who keeps telling you to update your virus protection software, and a gang of dudebro woodsmen called the Lumberjocks. While the sidequests and great characters make this game very entertaining, it is let down on some fronts by the slow pace of its turn-based combat. Movement is arduous, individual characters don’t deal too much damage, and moving all your units into position every turn can feel like a chore. Pit People is a great time if you have an hour or two to spare one evening, but play it in larger bursts and you’re likely to get a little sick of it.

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