By Nexus
Apr 06, 2018

Full Exposure: Mallrat

In between sets at SXSW, we managed to get ahold of Australia’s very own beacon of musical youth. Brisbane local, Mallrat, first made her mark on the scene at 16 years old with her single ‘Suicide Blonde’. Since then, she’s finished school, locked in a range of international shows, and cracked a whole lot of exposure with recent tracks such as ‘Better’.

Nexus: If you could claim the music of any great artist, who would it be?

MR: I really wish I wrote ‘Fast Car’ by Tracy Chapman.

Nexus: There are so many young, aspiring musicians who never get their big break. What do you think set you apart?

MR: I’m not sure! I think my songs are pop-leaning and I have a good understanding of social media so that probably helps.

Nexus: How do you think becoming an artist has impacted your teenage experience compared to your peers?

MR: I am very lucky to be able to do what I love every day! And I am probably more independent than most people my age.

Nexus: What’s been your most memorable performance so far?

MR: Splendour in the Grass last year was incredible; I had to try so hard not to cry on stage.

Nexus: Obviously you’ve reached some pretty impressive milestones already. What are your next goals?

MR: Thank you! I want to be a better producer, and I want to write and produce for other artists.

Nexus: If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing?

MR: I think I would probably be a stylist or a youth worker or a journalist? I’m not too sure, but I’m so happy that I’m a musician.

Nexus: In the past, you’ve said you’d like to be involved with fashion alongside your music. How would you describe your style?

MR: I am really obsessed with vintage, and I love to style pieces that aren’t meant to go together. E.g. a giant hoodie and cowgirl boots, ‘60s mini dresses with big oversized ‘90s jackets. I like playing dress ups :)

Nexus: As you come to the end of your teenage years, does the thought of growing up make you uneasy?

MR: I think growing up has more to do with life experiences than just time passing. There’s not much I can do about it but every day brings something new to learn, so I like to think about it like that!

Nexus: What tracks have you been listening to on the daily?

MR: ‘Never Fall In Love’ by Jack Antonoff and Mø, ‘Blue Angel’ by Danny L Harle and Clairo, ‘Hostage’ by Billie Eilish.

Nexus: Can you give us a quick rundown of your favourite summer?

MR: The summer after graduating high school was magic! I spent it in Melbourne making music and then drinking smoothies with my best friends at the beach.

Nexus: To finish off, can you hit us with a haiku?

MR: You’re starved for something

Cold, left over - I can share.

Vegan Lasagne

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