By Jacqui Swney
Jan 30, 2018

Bump thy Auxiliary

Pass the Aux

I’ve fallen down an R&B hole and it’s been tough to get out. Although R&B isn’t my favourite genre, it’s hard to deny its influence on almost every genre of music. The rhythm of R&B combined with the smoothness and soulfulness of Jazz has made for some easy listening. There is no end to the possibilities these genres bring to genres outside their own, and I think these songs are only a few examples of how modern musicians grow around their genres.

'Female Energy' by Willow Smith: Willow Smith has evolved from the young and forgettable “Whip My Hair” child that we know her to be. She’s taken her music in a drastically different direction. It’s edgy, smooth and actually shows us her talent. She, along with her music, has become effortlessly cool – although I can’t say it was completely unexpected growing up in the artistic environment that she did. This song is an impressive display of artistry for a girl of her age and it’s a 10/10 track.

'On My Mind' by Jorja Smith x Preditah: Jorja Smith emerged from the depths of SoundCloud in 2016, and has since supported Drake and appeared on his album More Life. On My Mind is a  catchy and supremely dance-worthy track, with Preditah laying down an almost 90’s electronic house beat to compliment Smith’s creamy vocals. 8/10

'Supermodel' by SZA: SZA reminds me of a female Frank Ocean. Her music is reminiscent of Tyler the Creator’s slow and simple beats, crossed with Frank Ocean’s alternative R&B vocals and lyrics. The build up towards the end abruptly cuts off and leaves you wanting more. And the rest of her 2017 album Ctrl delivers on what we want. Stand out tracks like Drew Barrymore and The Weekend maintain her smooth and easy listening.

'Chum' by Earl Sweatshirt: Odd Future collectively releases some insanely good content, and Earl Sweatshirt is only one of the guys involved. His sound is also reminiscent of Tyler the Creator, with the use of piano and jazzy tracks behind these melancholy and relaxed vocals. The lyrics are well constructed and meaningful. There’s a clear Jazz and R&B influence in this track, and despite the slow and relaxed feel, it somehow makes me want to dance.

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