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Welcome to Nexus

The Student Magazine of the University of Waikato

Nexus began its life in 1964 as the not so originally titled “Waikato Student”. Since then it has been a constant in lecture theatres every Monday morning. It’s core principles have remained largely untouched, the idea that students have a platform to talk to students. It has been at the forefront of every issue impacting students lives from the Vietnam War and Apartheid to Student Loans and living costs. It has an impressively long list of former contributors, editors and designers who have gone on to big things and a list twice as long of those who just enjoyed their time writing opinion pieces while at University. It is a member of the Aoteroa Student Press Association and a part of the Waikato Students’ Union. In a drawer somewhere in the office it even has a number of awards.

Today it is evolving to include work integrated learning experiences for students, video content creation, online platforms, and podcasts but at its core it remains the same as it did over 50 years ago, a magazine for students who want a distraction and a word find on a Monday morning when they should be listening to lectures.

Nexus is not for profit but relies heavily on the contributions of advertisers and partners to find out more contact the WSU at Comms@wsu.org.nz or to write for us email the Editorial Group at Editor@nexusmag.co.nz


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